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Crystal Ear Climber Earrings - Silver

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Crystal Ear Climber Earrings - Silver
Crystal Ear Climber Earrings - Silver

Just the most gorgeously delicate 3cm long crystal ear climber earrings.

These aren't sterling silver, but we've been wearing them now for almost a week with no sign of any allergic reaction or the dreaded green ear so they are absolutely Lovely Eira approved. Each pair comes with a couple of silicon backs, and as with all climbers, remember to mould them to your ears the first time you wear them and they will stay in place a treat!

We appreciate that the stock photos make them look like platinum and diamond, but clearly they're not. However, if you take a look at the photo of our model wearing them, you can tell they really are a gorgeous pair of earrings, all for £5! 



(Please note that our earrings don't come in fabulously glamorous presentation boxes, just a well padded plastic bag - if we keep our costs down that means we can charge you even less!)

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