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Luxury Cowl Neck Hoodie - Lavender

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Luxury Cowl Neck Hoodie - Lavender
Luxury Cowl Neck Hoodie - Lavender

Possibly the most luxurious cotton hoodie you'll ever own, our Luxury Cowl Neck Hoodie is a super soft top quality cotton hoodie with a cowl neck, chunky drawstring ties, and possibly our favourite design feature ever, cut out thumb holes in the sleeves! 

Composition: 70% Ringspun Cotton 30% Polyester

Please note that these hoodies are made to order and will be shipped between 2-5 working days after ordering. If you need yours in a hurry, it's probably best to drop us a line and check it's possible!

If you would like to order this hoodie with any of our designs on or even with one of your own, please email emma@lovely-eira.co.uk or whatsapp on 07958 727465

Size Guide:

XS - UK size 6-8 / 34" chest
Small - UK size 8-10 / 36" chest
Medium - UK size 12 / 40" chest
Large - UK size 14 / 44" chest
XLarge - UK size 16-18 / 48" chest
XXLarge - UK size 20-22 / 52" chest

These hoodies are pretty true to size.

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Ripped off directly from Locket Loves

This is a total rip off from the website locket loves. You've even taken their photo. You're absolutely disgusting ripping off small businesses and should be ashamed of yourselves. I assume everything else.on your site is also a rip off of someone else's hard work. Horrible people. I hope the lawyers have an absolute field day with you.

Dear Sarah,

I have just seen this review, I’m not sure when it was posted so apologies if I have taken some time to respond.

I have never heard of the website Locket Loves - the photo in question that you are referring to is taken from the wholesaler, Pencarrie, where I presume we both buy our hoodies from, and is used with their absolute permission. All other photos on the website are either similar stock photos or ones taken by my photographer Tara Panchaud. By all means check out Pencarrie’s website to confirm what I have said.

Your comments are hugely defamatory and patently incorrect. I would very much appreciate it if you would remove them.

Your dedication to Locket Loves is admirable but in this instance you are completely wrong.